Canada Helps Central Fire Station Project With Major Heritage Grant

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The Government of Canada, through a $500,000 grant, will assist in the revitalization of Welland’s Central Fire Station.

The Canadian Heritage Legacy grant, spread over three years, will help cover the costs of architects, engineers and specialists as well as co...

Central Fire Station in Spotlight May 19, 2021

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A major federal funding announcement affecting the Welland Central Fire Station will be made Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

The Central Station Education Initiative, which leases the century-old heritage-designated fire hall from the City of Welland, is renovating and upgrading the three-storey station as...

Sharing Memories of the Fire Hall

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Sharing Memories of the Fire Hall


Platoon Chief recalls training, wildlife invasions and fine people

I worked as a professional firefighter out of Central Fire Hall from 1996 to when it closed in 2006. As for memories, I have many.  From the first time I slid down a brass pole from the 2nd floor, to waking up in...

Firefighters in Action Over the Years

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Firefighters in Action Over the Years

For almost 90 years full-time and volunteer firefighters slid down two brass fire poles, scrambled along oak stairs, jumped onto trucks and sped out of Central Fire Station.

They fought fires large and small in houses, businesses, schools, apartment buildings, at factories and on farms. They res...

Central Fire Station Built Within Months

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Central Fire Station Built Within Months
The process of building the Central Fire Station in 1920 was similar to construction of today’s new fire halls in Niagara --- but perhaps, a little quicker.
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