Please Share Your Memories of the Fire Hall

12.21.2020 12:31 PM By service

Do you have a fond memory of Welland’s Central Fire Station?

Perhaps you’re a firefighter who recalls the excitement of answering a particular call or the friendships fostered over the years.

You may be a family member who recalls “at home” receptions.

Maybe as a student your class visited the hall and you still remember the magic of seeing the trucks, fire poles, hoses, dispatch centre and plastic fire helmets, as well as fire safety lessons learned.

As a neighbour, did you jump when the alarms sounded and sirens wailed? 

As a Welland resident passing by, did you regularly check the time by looking at the clock tower?

Do you recall red alarm boxes on your street?

As a visitor, did you admire the impressive classic style building and its unusual decorations

Please share those memories with us in 150 words or less.

Send them by email to Wayne Campbell, secretary of the Central Station Education Initiative, at

We will organize and edit them for posting on our website and Facebook page.